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Driving a Ford Mustang is not about style or status, in fact its pride. Having ruled the roads since 1965 when the first generation was launched, and by 2011 they offer you a more advanced and sophisticated driving experience with Mustang.

Ford, a 100-year-old company which has committed not only to improve one’s driving experience but at the same time have also committed for sustainability. Already in its 11th year, they have not only delivered it but also seem to take it more seriously with every passing year.

Commitment towards E2: ecology and economics. This is by improving the standards and the materials that they use during the manufacturing process. Few materials are now made out of recycled waste, which has helped them reduce waste, able to produce affordable alternative solutions and with this they have saved millions of dollars.

As per the recent sustainability report “This is one of the most exciting times in our industry since mass automobile production began more than a century ago. New technologies are radically transforming some of the most fundamental and enduring elements of the automobile. The companies that lead these changes will create new ‘green’ jobs and generate profits while reducing fuel use and CO2 emissions, benefiting both the economy and the environment.” Alan Mulally President and CEO.

For over 10 years, Ford has been continuously focusing on materials to improve vehicle’s life-cycle, as sustainability depends on it. Having introduced recycled materials in the manufacturing process, Ford started using Ecolon since 2010. Ecolon is a nylon based product recycled from carpets. So don’t be surprised to find that the value covers in your Mustang are manufactured from recycled carpets. They also have been able to develop a resin strategy that uses recycled plastic.

With Ford working on a comprehensive model to introduce recycle material to meet the social and environmental demands. The quest doesn’t seem to stop here, as Ford seems to be in pursuit of excellence. By far they have been a role model.

Via: ford motors


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  1. Hey, just ran into this website from stumbleupon. This isn’t not something I would typically read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thanks for creating an article worth reading!

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