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I know that I have been missing all the action when it comes to blogging. And I dearly miss it not for the reason that I miss to quote and unquote my wisdom or the so-called outlook. But for the very reason that I have refrained and constrained my brain to think beyond my regular work.

Something that I often wondered about, somethings that I was regularly intrigued about. But given the fact that I have missed from action for 2 months in a row, I would rather admit it that I was complacent.

But having said “Complacent” does it mean, you will see more of me. I think I would rather pose that question to myself and make myself aware of things that can still be done as I know it’s humanly possible.

So I will sign off with this off note and up beat thought that I shall return regularly and go wild with my thoughts and try to amuse my beloved lovers once again.

Till then and see you around soon.


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Matrix Dance by Razy Gogonea   5 comments

Razy Gogonea originally from Romania, auditioned for Britain Got Talent 2011.

If you guess what he got? Guess 5 days post his performance at the 2nd audition, his video is already having 5 Million hits and counting…

# The video can only be watched on you tube, so here is the link . . . Check the video out

Ford’s Mustang goes Green   1 comment

Driving a Ford Mustang is not about style or status, in fact its pride. Having ruled the roads since 1965 when the first generation was launched, and by 2011 they offer you a more advanced and sophisticated driving experience with Mustang.

Ford, a 100-year-old company which has committed not only to improve one’s driving experience but at the same time have also committed for sustainability. Already in its 11th year, they have not only delivered it but also seem to take it more seriously with every passing year.

Commitment towards E2: ecology and economics. This is by improving the standards and the materials that they use during the manufacturing process. Few materials are now made out of recycled waste, which has helped them reduce waste, able to produce affordable alternative solutions and with this they have saved millions of dollars.

As per the recent sustainability report “This is one of the most exciting times in our industry since mass automobile production began more than a century ago. New technologies are radically transforming some of the most fundamental and enduring elements of the automobile. The companies that lead these changes will create new ‘green’ jobs and generate profits while reducing fuel use and CO2 emissions, benefiting both the economy and the environment.” Alan Mulally President and CEO.

For over 10 years, Ford has been continuously focusing on materials to improve vehicle’s life-cycle, as sustainability depends on it. Having introduced recycled materials in the manufacturing process, Ford started using Ecolon since 2010. Ecolon is a nylon based product recycled from carpets. So don’t be surprised to find that the value covers in your Mustang are manufactured from recycled carpets. They also have been able to develop a resin strategy that uses recycled plastic.

With Ford working on a comprehensive model to introduce recycle material to meet the social and environmental demands. The quest doesn’t seem to stop here, as Ford seems to be in pursuit of excellence. By far they have been a role model.

Via: ford motors

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Why I prefer not to write blogs on celebs   6 comments

I have come across many opportunities to blog about celebs. But I never did capitalize on this opportunity. I know I might be missing out on a lot. Who cares?

I have my own reasons to not write about them, the reason being simple. Everyone has a right to dictate their own terms, on how they live their life. Who are we to decide and comment? Humans have an inbuilt tendency which draws them to gossips no matter how much they resist. They may not be the epicenter of such conversation, but there will be someone around them all the time.

Take a simple example, how much will we appreciate on people commenting on our life? If you know the answer then you will agree with me.

Celebs have been the most ought selling point for magazines, every where they go or who they are accompanied by? What they wear? What they do? will always draw media attention. Some factual and some imaginary, the story then builds up.

So in a world where we adore and idolize celebrities, they seem to finally have to come in terms with media.

Unaware of my future blogging experiences that I’m still due to realize, and how long will I try to avoid any blogs around celebrities.

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Been a while   3 comments

Hi to the readers who seldom find their search engines redirecting them to my blog page, and to those who know that it does exist in the e-world, and to my friends on blogger spot which seems to be attracting quite a traffic at a slow rate…;-) lol

The last blog posted was about 2 months and 20 days..ago

Many things have changed since then. While I try to shape and give a meaning to my life, which I have tried to do and hoping that I did some justice to all the attempts and would continue to do so. My inspiration or level of positivity seems to have casted the unfathomable smile for the things that tried to drag me down and around. But I assume it was good to know that such things coexist within each one of us and the sooner one realizes them it certainly would bring them closer to life i.e. appreciate things the way they are.

I have moved around a lot till I found a reason and place to settle down and try to do things that I always wanted to do. I think life has its own adventure, at least when given a chance by fate or by one’s own mistake, but it certainly a worthy ride to be on. How often we see things the way we want to and tend to ignore the reality or you often try to get things done over and over when they seem to fail each time…I think it was time and this time around… that things have slowly started to fall in place.

In the mean time I have done a few things like updating my blog page adding up few more things to it, learning guitar and reading books on photography. I think the latter two have actually caught on to me and I am happy…as it keeps me busy at times…

Life is beautiful and I’m living up to its very expectation and trying to share it with the most special person in my life.


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