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I know that I have been missing all the action when it comes to blogging. And I dearly miss it not for the reason that I miss to quote and unquote my wisdom or the so-called outlook. But for the very reason that I have refrained and constrained my brain to think beyond my regular work.

Something that I often wondered about, somethings that I was regularly intrigued about. But given the fact that I have missed from action for 2 months in a row, I would rather admit it that I was complacent.

But having said “Complacent” does it mean, you will see more of me. I think I would rather pose that question to myself and make myself aware of things that can still be done as I know it’s humanly possible.

So I will sign off with this off note and up beat thought that I shall return regularly and go wild with my thoughts and try to amuse my beloved lovers once again.

Till then and see you around soon.


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Show down to run around   1 comment

It was today, when Pacquiao was in the arena to defend his title against Mosley. And, I was there. Obviously not in Vegas but somewhere in Manila to watch it live. By the time I reached there people had already taken the best seat in the house, but we still managed to get the front row (lol).

Crowd was quite and little did I expect how they would burst out when Pacquiao was introduced. The whole thing makes sense, as he is one of the most adored icon today.

This was my first time to watch Pacquiao fight, and little did I know about him. But it all began with people betting around my table for round KO. It started as early as 4th round, but I somehow was not convinced that a fighter like Mosley will be an easy prey, even considering his worthy adversary. I bet for 12 round decision.

I am sure critics would have cited a few reason why Mosley will win or why Manny will still be the last man standing. To give you a little insight and heads-up on this consider the factors below:

Shane (Sugar) Mosley started his pro career in 1993 with a KO which continued till the 9th match, by 2001 he had an outstanding record of 38-0 (35KO). However he lost his first two matches against Vernon Forest in two consecutive matches. Current record of 46-7-1 (39KO).

Manny Pacquiao, rated as the current #1 Pound for Pound best boxer. With a career records that include an eight-division world champion, the first boxer in history to win ten world titles, the first to win in eight weight divisions, and the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. Named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2000’s by BWAA and a three-time The Ring and BWAA “Fighter of the Year”, winning the award in 2006, 2008, and 2009. Current record stands at 53-3-3 (38 KO).

As the bell went off to start the first round, it was Manny who took the pound lead and by 3rd round he had already put Mosley down once. But it seemed that Mosley who was determined to be a worthy opponent by many started to run around and stand his ground to face Manny on many occasions. The fight continued with lack of pounds which many had expected to see and as other had bet for a KO in favor of Manny seemed to decline with every passing round.

By the 10th round, there was an instance when Manny was pushed by Mosley but the referee due to limited field of view favored it in Mosley favor as a knockout attempt. And, expected Manny was offended and took the next round pounding and running into Mosley who tried every attempt to engage Manny.

But it was obvious that Mosley had stepped into the ring to defend as he lacked confidence which was very much clear in the arena. As the bell went of again to end the 12th round every one knew the Manny had won with unanimous decision.

He must have been disappointed not with himself but with the fact that many of his fans couldn’t get the most out of this fight. But if we put its across to you all as simple as possible, that Manny did lead the match even when it was not his very best.

But for Mosley is it time for him to hang his gloves as he did disappoint himself at the end, but the reign of Manny shall continue for a few more year and till date he will and shall wait for a worth opponent to take his stand and engage him for KO.

Till then we shall be meeting again.

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Why I prefer not to write blogs on celebs   6 comments

I have come across many opportunities to blog about celebs. But I never did capitalize on this opportunity. I know I might be missing out on a lot. Who cares?

I have my own reasons to not write about them, the reason being simple. Everyone has a right to dictate their own terms, on how they live their life. Who are we to decide and comment? Humans have an inbuilt tendency which draws them to gossips no matter how much they resist. They may not be the epicenter of such conversation, but there will be someone around them all the time.

Take a simple example, how much will we appreciate on people commenting on our life? If you know the answer then you will agree with me.

Celebs have been the most ought selling point for magazines, every where they go or who they are accompanied by? What they wear? What they do? will always draw media attention. Some factual and some imaginary, the story then builds up.

So in a world where we adore and idolize celebrities, they seem to finally have to come in terms with media.

Unaware of my future blogging experiences that I’m still due to realize, and how long will I try to avoid any blogs around celebrities.

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The Tale of Two Balls   2 comments

Disclosure: I certainly have no abstracts taken from the book “The Tale of Two Cities”, neither have any essence that could be interpreted by my readers.

The Tale of Two Balls is a true story that most of us are aware of, when it comes to be an Indian. So what do you think am I referring to? For those who guessed it right or still wondering here is the answer.

I’m referring to a religion vs the one that is supposed to be the national sport of our country. I’m sure you have guessed it right by now, Cricket and Hockey.

If we all remember the strike and the outrage that was covered by the media, where Hockey players protested for being treated as outcasts in the glory of a nation where Cricket has become a religion and where the BCCI (the richest cricketing board) still makes a huge amount of money. So where do you think the blame is, the media, the people running it or the people playing it.

In both the form of sports they all have given more than it takes. Before we try to make any sort of judgement, let’s rewind and check for few facts.

India won ICC World Cup twice 1983 and 2011, the Indian Women’s cricket team have also achieved a lot Runners up for 2005 World Cup and 3rd place during 1997, 2000 and 2009. Four time winners of Asia Cup i.e. 2004-2006 and 2008.

Compared to the hockey team which won its first Gold Medal in Olympics in the year 1928. From 1928 to 1956, the Indian men’s team remained unbeaten in the Olympics, garnering six gold medals in a row. The Indian team has won a total of eight gold, one silver and two bronze medals in Olympics. This was also the first nation that was a part of the International Hockey Federation, as a Non European Country. Not to forget the Indian Women’s Hockey team, which won 3 consecutive Gold Medals i.e. 2002 Commonwealth Games, 2003 Afro-Asian Games and 2004 Hockey Asia Cup. In 2009, India became the first winner of the women’s Champions Challenge II in hockey history after they defeated Belgium 6-3 in the final in Kazan, Russia. (*source WIKI)

Unparalleled to what could have happened, but given the fact that when Indian Hockey ruled and gave India a new face in the sports arena while Cricket was still in the state of infancy. But where are we now?

If we go around the issues covering the Indian Hockey, there are many. With not much of infrastructure to support and develop existing and new talent. Lack of sponsorship and investments making it hard for them to scout for new talent. Though late, but I think people have soon come to realize it. With the players venting out their frustration and Indian’s coming ahead to support a cause, we can expect a turn around. But will it continue or it will phase out with other events trying to steal the spot light.

Now both the sports have earned their name in this country, in fact I wonder how much of sponsorship comes by the Indian Hockey Association, that will help them to develop the team or find more talent in this country. I’m sure compared to Cricket it will be termed as Nickels and Dime.

Will time change the outlook or it will take more than time before the patience runs out.

It won’t be surprising, rather a fact that if we are able to generate and spend half the amount of revenues generated out of cricket on other games we can do wonder’s, because in a nation of millions there will be more than enough talent if we earnestly look for it.

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For Indians, though the national game is Hockey. But undoubtedly and equivocally the entire country can vote that Cricket is the most ought game in this country of millions, where emotions soar and cheers roar for the MEN IN BLUE.

This time around its time for the million Indians to cheer for their beloved team who have finally made it to the finals and tomorrow is the D Day.

There are few memories that come along every time we talk about India and the ICC World Cup. Starting with the third World Cup in the year 1983, also known as the Prudential Cup, where India beat West Indies by 43 runs to stop them from claiming their 3rd consecutive title. Lords witnessed the rise of a cricketing nation.

In 1987, team India topped Group A with 5.41 RR and 20 points. They played against England in the semifinals. Chasing a total of target of 254, India were at 5/204 at the end of 40th over, needing 5 runs an over from the last 10 overs, with 5 wickets in hand, and it looked like it would be a very close game. Failing to capitalize the opportunity, the middle order collapsed and the tail enders followed them soon as India lost 5 wickets for 15 runs. India were eventually bowled all out for 219 (all out, 45.3 overs).

In 1992, India’s performance was a mix of mediocrity and bad luck. With their match against Sri Lanka being forfeited due to heavy rain and then they losing to Australia by a run for the 2nd time in World Cup history. They ended by 7th, over Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

In 1996, is much known for the crowd’s uproar at Eden Garden Calcutta. India meeting Sri Lanka for the 2nd time. Having lost the first match to Sri Lanka earlier in the group match where Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets. This time India failed to chase a total of 251 set by the Lankan’s and with 120/8 on board, the disappointed crowd went unruly disrupting the game. The match was forfeited and awarded in Sri Lanka’s favor. This was the 3rd of this type for them, as the earlier two teams Australia and Wet Indies cancelled the matches due the security reasons.

Year 2003, a great year that the Indian Cricket team, all eyes set on them. The Men in Blue, were the most favorite team. They played great and on their way to finals they had lost one match. They also had a match with Sri Lanka, and they defeated them by a 183 runs. As India was destined for their finals, against the only team they lost to. It was Australia and this time again, the result were same. India failed to deliver under Australia’s pressure, letting them win the cup by 125 runs, when India failed to chase 359/2 and managed to get 234.

Following was 2007, the worst of its kind. India didn’t qualify for the super 8 stage. Bangladesh created the biggest upset by defeating India by 5 wickets in the group B match and they also lost to Sri Lanka by 69 runs.

Year 2011, India is in the finals against Sri Lanka.

This might be and will be Sachin’s last world cup. Will he be able to add this missing achievement to his list of records and achievements?

    Facts n Figures:

First ODI @ Wankhede Stadium: 17 January 1987, India vs Sri Lanka (India won by 10 runs)
Last ODI @ Wankhede Stadium: 18 March 2011, Sri Lanka vs New Zealand (Sri Lanka won by 112 runs)
5 World Cup matches have been hosted here. Team batting first has won 4 times and once by the team batting second, that was India who won by 8 wickets playing against Zimbabwe in 1987.
India and Sri Lanka have both 1 match each in world cup fixture till date.
India has played 14 ODI’s here, compared to 4 played by Sri Lanka.
India has won 8 of the 14, 4 times batting first and batting second.
Sri Lanka has won 2 of the 4 matches, once each batting and bowling first.
India and Sri Lanka, have already met twice at this venue, each wining one match.

    Head 2 Head

Total Matches played – 128
Wins: India 67 / Sri Lanka 50
No Results: 11
Tied: 0
Home wins: India 28 / Sri Lanka 26
Away wins: India 19 / Sri Lanka 11
Highest Total chased: India won by 7 wickets on Dec 23 2009, Target Chased: 315 / Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets on Dec 17 2009, Target Chased: 301
Most Prolific Batsman: Sachin Tendulkar 2965 runs / Sanath Jayasuriya 2899 runs
Highest Individual Score: MS Dhoni 183 runs / Sanath Jayasuriya 189 runs
Best Bowling Analysis: Ashish Nehra 6/59, Aug 08 2005 / Muttiah Muralidaran 7/30, Oct 26 2000
Most Prolific Bowler: Harbhajan Singh 60 wickets / Muttiah Muralidaran 74 wickets

So what can you predict from here, its hard. So lets keep cheering for the Men In Blue.

See you all at Wankhede Stadium.

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India vs Pakistan Faceoff   3 comments

It’s time and this time for all the cricket enthusiasts who know what importance does this match holds. Many a times in history when these two sides collided, more than anything emotions were high all around. We for sure know but it’s the spirit of the game that has still kept a lot of hopes alive when it comes to Indo Pak relationship.

With the teams walking up the ally to make it to the semifinals, its time for some great action. And it’s not just the fans but for the critics, who have always expected that when the two teams collide the match is just incredible and hoping for that.

Some stats and figures around them:

Since the start of World cup in 1975, Pakistan was the first to reach a semifinal against West Indies at The Oval (1979, 2nd world cup) but couldn’t make it to finals. West Indies won by 43 runs.

1983, the 3rd World cup and this time India and Pakistan both qualified for the semifinals. India vs Eng – Where India won by 6 wickets, and the 2nd semifinal was between Pakistan vs West Indies, which WI won by 8 wickets again. In the showdown for the finals it was India who won their 1st World Cup title beating West Indies by 43 runs.

1987, 4th World Cup and just like 1983 both India and Pakistan qualified for semifinals. India vs England, where England won by 35 runs and Pakistan vs Australia, which Australia won by 18 runs and eventually defeating England in the finals by 7 runs and winning their 1st Title.

The first time India and Pakistan had a faceoff was in 5th World Cup i.e. 1992, when India defeated Pakistan by 43 runs in the 16th Match. In spite of this, it was Pakistan who surged ahead with their performance and qualified for the semifinals where they defeated New Zealand by 4 wickets and eventually winning their 1st title by defeating England in the finals by 22 runs.

1996, 6th World Cup edition. India vs Pakistan’s 2nd World Cup face off was scheduled when they both qualified for the quarterfinals match meeting for a show down in Bangalore. This time again India took the lead and defeated Pakistan by 39 runs to qualify for semifinals against Sri Lanka, which they Sri Lanka won by default as the match was scratched off due to the unruly crowd. Sri Lanka went ahead to win their 1st Title by defeating Australia by 7 wickets.

The 7th edition of the World Cup was held in year 1999. This time again it both the side meet up during the Super Six fixture, India defeated Pakistan by 47 runs, yet they still failed to qualify for the semifinals which Pakistan was able to reach where they won against New Zealand but failed to win the finals against Australia. Australia went on to win their 2nd Title by 8 wickets.

8th World Cup, Year 2003. This was a great year where all the critics favored India to win their 2nd title, however it wasn’t so. They lost 2 matched in the entire tournament and both were against Australia. The first was during the preliminary matches and the 2nd was in the finals which was against Australia. It was Australia’s 3rd World Cup title. Even this year, India was set to play against Pakistan in the Group A match, which they won by 6 wickets chasing a total of 273.

9th World Cup, Year 2007. Not much to say, a meager performance by both India and Pakistan as they didn’t qualify for the Super 8’s. It was Australia’s 4th Title.

This year 2011 and the 10th Edition of World Cup. Both India and Pakistan have performed well and they are now set for a battle when they meet on Tuesday 30th March for the 1st Semifinals match.

The world cup stats for both the teams have been put forth, its time for you to make the bet and await and watch a classic match for sure.

Till them, lets hold on to our thoughts and cheer for our team.

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Been a while   3 comments

Hi to the readers who seldom find their search engines redirecting them to my blog page, and to those who know that it does exist in the e-world, and to my friends on blogger spot which seems to be attracting quite a traffic at a slow rate…;-) lol

The last blog posted was about 2 months and 20 days..ago

Many things have changed since then. While I try to shape and give a meaning to my life, which I have tried to do and hoping that I did some justice to all the attempts and would continue to do so. My inspiration or level of positivity seems to have casted the unfathomable smile for the things that tried to drag me down and around. But I assume it was good to know that such things coexist within each one of us and the sooner one realizes them it certainly would bring them closer to life i.e. appreciate things the way they are.

I have moved around a lot till I found a reason and place to settle down and try to do things that I always wanted to do. I think life has its own adventure, at least when given a chance by fate or by one’s own mistake, but it certainly a worthy ride to be on. How often we see things the way we want to and tend to ignore the reality or you often try to get things done over and over when they seem to fail each time…I think it was time and this time around… that things have slowly started to fall in place.

In the mean time I have done a few things like updating my blog page adding up few more things to it, learning guitar and reading books on photography. I think the latter two have actually caught on to me and I am happy…as it keeps me busy at times…

Life is beautiful and I’m living up to its very expectation and trying to share it with the most special person in my life.


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