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Why I prefer not to write blogs on celebs   6 comments

I have come across many opportunities to blog about celebs. But I never did capitalize on this opportunity. I know I might be missing out on a lot. Who cares?

I have my own reasons to not write about them, the reason being simple. Everyone has a right to dictate their own terms, on how they live their life. Who are we to decide and comment? Humans have an inbuilt tendency which draws them to gossips no matter how much they resist. They may not be the epicenter of such conversation, but there will be someone around them all the time.

Take a simple example, how much will we appreciate on people commenting on our life? If you know the answer then you will agree with me.

Celebs have been the most ought selling point for magazines, every where they go or who they are accompanied by? What they wear? What they do? will always draw media attention. Some factual and some imaginary, the story then builds up.

So in a world where we adore and idolize celebrities, they seem to finally have to come in terms with media.

Unaware of my future blogging experiences that I’m still due to realize, and how long will I try to avoid any blogs around celebrities.


Posted April 13, 2011 by aropkp in FYI, Just a thought

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