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It’s time and this time for all the cricket enthusiasts who know what importance does this match holds. Many a times in history when these two sides collided, more than anything emotions were high all around. We for sure know but it’s the spirit of the game that has still kept a lot of hopes alive when it comes to Indo Pak relationship.

With the teams walking up the ally to make it to the semifinals, its time for some great action. And it’s not just the fans but for the critics, who have always expected that when the two teams collide the match is just incredible and hoping for that.

Some stats and figures around them:

Since the start of World cup in 1975, Pakistan was the first to reach a semifinal against West Indies at The Oval (1979, 2nd world cup) but couldn’t make it to finals. West Indies won by 43 runs.

1983, the 3rd World cup and this time India and Pakistan both qualified for the semifinals. India vs Eng – Where India won by 6 wickets, and the 2nd semifinal was between Pakistan vs West Indies, which WI won by 8 wickets again. In the showdown for the finals it was India who won their 1st World Cup title beating West Indies by 43 runs.

1987, 4th World Cup and just like 1983 both India and Pakistan qualified for semifinals. India vs England, where England won by 35 runs and Pakistan vs Australia, which Australia won by 18 runs and eventually defeating England in the finals by 7 runs and winning their 1st Title.

The first time India and Pakistan had a faceoff was in 5th World Cup i.e. 1992, when India defeated Pakistan by 43 runs in the 16th Match. In spite of this, it was Pakistan who surged ahead with their performance and qualified for the semifinals where they defeated New Zealand by 4 wickets and eventually winning their 1st title by defeating England in the finals by 22 runs.

1996, 6th World Cup edition. India vs Pakistan’s 2nd World Cup face off was scheduled when they both qualified for the quarterfinals match meeting for a show down in Bangalore. This time again India took the lead and defeated Pakistan by 39 runs to qualify for semifinals against Sri Lanka, which they Sri Lanka won by default as the match was scratched off due to the unruly crowd. Sri Lanka went ahead to win their 1st Title by defeating Australia by 7 wickets.

The 7th edition of the World Cup was held in year 1999. This time again it both the side meet up during the Super Six fixture, India defeated Pakistan by 47 runs, yet they still failed to qualify for the semifinals which Pakistan was able to reach where they won against New Zealand but failed to win the finals against Australia. Australia went on to win their 2nd Title by 8 wickets.

8th World Cup, Year 2003. This was a great year where all the critics favored India to win their 2nd title, however it wasn’t so. They lost 2 matched in the entire tournament and both were against Australia. The first was during the preliminary matches and the 2nd was in the finals which was against Australia. It was Australia’s 3rd World Cup title. Even this year, India was set to play against Pakistan in the Group A match, which they won by 6 wickets chasing a total of 273.

9th World Cup, Year 2007. Not much to say, a meager performance by both India and Pakistan as they didn’t qualify for the Super 8’s. It was Australia’s 4th Title.

This year 2011 and the 10th Edition of World Cup. Both India and Pakistan have performed well and they are now set for a battle when they meet on Tuesday 30th March for the 1st Semifinals match.

The world cup stats for both the teams have been put forth, its time for you to make the bet and await and watch a classic match for sure.

Till them, lets hold on to our thoughts and cheer for our team.


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